Delivery and return policy

Delivery policy

General information

The orders are subject to stock availability. If an item is out-of-stock when your order is placed, you will need to place a new order when it will become available.

Delivery areas

The items sold on the Milano website can only be delivered within the province of Québec. There is no possibility for deliveries outside of the province of Québec.

Pickup location

If you wish to pick up your order in store:

  1. Mention this address for delivery:
    6862 Boul. St-Laurent, Montreal, Qc, H2J 3C7
  2. Select your delivery date and time
  3. In the field “Order note”, enter the code “PICK_UP” so that we can credit you the delivery costs

Delivery areas by Zone

Sectors Postal codes Shipping cost
Laval H7R, H7F, H7L, H7H, H7J, H7K, H7A, H7B, H7C, H7E, H7G, H7M, H7S, H7N, H7T, H7V, H7W, H7X, H7Y $10.00
Île Bizard H9C, H9E $7.00
Montreal (Excluding down-town) H9K,H9X,H9G, H9H, H9J, H9W, H9R, H9S, H9B, H9A, H9P, H8Z, H8Y, H8T, H8R, H8S, H8N, H8P, H4E, H4H, H4G, H4C, H4X, H4B, H4A, H4V, H4W, H4P, H4T, H4M, H4R, H4J, H4K, H4L, H4N, H3W, H3X, H3Y, H3Z, H3L, H3M, H3P, H3R, H3S, H3T, H3V, H3H, H3J, H3K, H3N, H2W, H2V, H2T, H2S, H2P, H2R, H2M, H2N, H2C, H2B, H2E, H2G, H2J, H2L, H2K, H2H, H2A, H1Z, H1Y, HIW, H1V, H1X, H1T, H1S, H1R, H1H, H1G ,H1P, H1M, H1N, H1E, H1J, ,H1L, H1K, H1A, H1B, H1C $5.00
Montreal (Down-town) H2X, H2Y, H2Z, H3A, H3B, H3C, H3G, H4Z, H5A, H5B $5.00
Île des Sœurs H3E $7.00
Notre-Dame and St-Hélène H3C $7.00
South Shore J4Y, J4Z, J4X, J4W, J4V, J4S, J4R, J4P, J4L, J4T, J4K, J4J, J4H, J4B, J4G, J4M, J4N, J3Y, J3Z $10.00
Blainville (New) J7C, J7B $10.00
St-Eustache (New) J7P, J7R $10.00
Ste-Thérèse (New) J7E $10.00
Boisbriand (New) J7G, J7H $10.00
Terrebonne (New) J6V, J6Y, J6X, J6W, J7M $10.00
Charlemagne (New) J5Z $10.00
Repentigny (New) J6A, J5Y, J5Z $10.00
Varenne (New) J3X $10.00
St-Bruno (New) J3V $10.00
Laprairie (New) J5R $10.00

Delivery fees for ”out-of-zone”

We spare no effort when it comes to delivering your orders within 24-48 hours, with the exception of the zones mentionned when placing your order. The delivery delays are calculated based on when the order is placed.

Delivery in your Zone

Delivery hours are pre-programmed to ship out next day. If your order is placed between midnight and 2:00pm, you can have it delivered as early as 8am the next day, or choose to have it delivered when it convenes you most during the week. If your order is placed between 2:01pm and 11:59pm, you can have it delivered as early as 2:01pm the next day, or choose to have it delivered when it convenes you most during the week. Please note that the delivery time-frames have a 2hour delay. Please send your order number, along with the desired delivery time(s) to [email protected], and you will be sent a confirmation e-mail.

Damaged items

If the packaging of one of your items has been damaged so as to alter the quality of the product within, please communicate with our customer service help line at 1-833-645-2662 or by email at [email protected].


Return policy

Milano is proud to guarantee products that are fresh upon delivery. We strongly urge you to verify your order upon delivery. If an item is not to your satisfaction once your order has been delivered, our delivery-person will take back the item, and you will be refunded for that item on your credit card (it is possible that a delay of 24-48hrs for the refund could occur, depending on your financial institution).

If you request a refund after the delivery has been made and accepted, you must then bring the item back to the Milano store with your receipt. Milano is not responsible for any additional delays for refunds. It is suggested you communicate with your financial institution to verify return policies concerning your credit card.